Custom painted shoe design.


As shown in the picture, this design contains many smaller designs as well as the words "goodbye 2010's." In the picture, this design is painted on a white low rise shoe. 


How to purchase this design:

  • Select your shoe type- If you pick "your own pair," please use the corresponding text box to explain which type of shoe it is (high rise, low rise, slip-on)

    Note: The option for your own pair of shoes can only be selected for local customers, or those who live in the Sacramento to Roseville, California area.

    Shoes are purchased from an independent manufacturer

  • Select your shoe size
  • Select whether you prefer a men’s or women’s shoes
  • (This step is optional) If you would like any additions or adjustments made on this design, please use the text box to state so.
  • Head to your cart and order! 


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Goodbye 2010's Shoes

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