Every design is released in a drop. In each drop, a certain number of slots are available. A slot guarantees I will be painting a shoe for you. To purchase a slot, DM @12kicksofficial on Instagram. A custom slot allows you to pick any design of your choice rather than the featured design in the drop. If you purchase a custom slot, you can request a previous design or one of your own choice. Below are current and previous drops.

Retro Shows

Dropped Dec 1st

Coraline Shoes

Dropped October 31st

Sunset Shoes

Dropped September 30th

Ocean Shoes

Dropped August 30th

Graffiti Kicks Dropped June 30th, 2020

The Simpsons Dropped May 30th, 2020

Psych! Dropped May 2020

Save the Earth Dropped April 2020

Rise Up Dropped March 2020

Serpents Dropped February 2020

Origin 20's Reborn Dropped January 2020

Goodbye 2010's Dropped December 2019

Look Dropped November 2019

BOO! Dropped October 2019

Knowledge Bomb Dropped September 2019

Spirits Dropped August 2019

Paint Splatter Dropped in July 2019

PRIDE Dropped June 2019 25% of profits go to the Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for LGBTQ+ teens

Mosaic and Droplets Dropped May 2019

Mosaic Dropped May 2019

Five Dropped April 2019

Endgame Dropped April 2019

Unicorns and Rainbows Dropped April 2019

Springtime Flowers Dropped March 2019

Galaxy 11's Dropped February 2019

Origin 20's Dropped January 2019

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Untitled_Artwork 2 copy.png
Untitled_Artwork copy 2.png