Which is better: Converse or Vans?

Most of my customers have difficulty in selecting the best type of shoe to get painted. Although these brands seem very similar, the variety of shoes they offer can make it hard to pick just one.

If you'd be interested in getting a design with a large symbol, object, or person, I'd recommend Converse high tops or Vans low rise shoes. If the design has a background as well, Converse high tops would be best.

Converse High Tops

Vans Low Rise

The Converse high tops don't have ridges like the Vans high tops do, resulting in a clearer design.

Vans High Tops
Converse High Tops
Converse Low Rise
Vans Low Rise

If you're looking for an abstract design or a repeated pattern, almost any shoe works, but I'd recommend the Vans high rise or Converse low rise.

The Converse low rise shoes have laces that make the space left to paint much smaller than the Vans low rise shoes, but abstract designs look great on them.

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