Vans Custom Culture Design

Hey everyone!

Last week, I submitted a design for Van's Custom Culture Project, which is a competition in which you create a design to be on a van's low rise white shoe. I created this design, which covers self-love and PRIDE.

I wanted to represent diversity in a unique way, and then it hit me- birds are known for being different colors and sizes! In my design, some birds are short, some are tall, some have long necks, some have goatees and mustaches, but every bird is happy and expressing themselves!

On the front is a bright green bird wearing a sweater with a heart and a pink tutu. They also have long lashes and a goatee. Next to the bird, it says love yourself.

I used a lot of rainbow colors so that the shoe looks really colorful from afar, and the birds and feathers can be admired close up. Voting starts October 1st! I hope you'll all vote for my design then!

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