Unicorns and Rainbows Shoes: A Process

April's Kicks of the Month are here! This month, I wanted to experiment with painting kid's shoes.

The purpose of this was to see how well I'd be able to work with a smaller space to paint.

My customer sent me reference photos and asked for a sky with clouds, a rainbow, and a unicorn. I started by sketching in the requested designs. The unicorn needed to be larger but I wanted to start painting the shoes, so I decided to start painting in the rainbow shoe's sky first.

The rainbow was next; I free handed it in, painting over areas with too thick of a stripe to even it out.

Happy with its look, I started painting in the sky on the other shoe.

The unicorn was easy to paint in. I outlined the mane with a felt tip pen and added some highlights with a white gel pen. And then I was done!

This piece was a relaxing refresher to most shoes because of its simplicity. I do recommend if you order a design, choose something simple or a pattern of some sort. Those options will almost always look good on shoes.


Disclaimer: This was designed based on a reference. It is not an original design of mine, however I did paint the white shoes myself.

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