PRIDE Shoes: The Meaning Behind The Design

Hey everyone!!

I can't believe how popular this design became and how much support I received this month! Thank you all so much for supporting this business; it means the world to me!

Rather than posting a process post, I wanted to have a more in-depth explanation as to why I used the colors in the Pride flag as I did, but mainly the backstory behind my reason to create it.

Many companies have used the Pride flag on t-shirts, shoes, etc this month, but I wanted to take it another step forward and really incorporate the purpose of Pride month into this design: to reaffirm equality regardless of sexuality.

Each color represents a color in the LGBTQ+ flag, except for the pink, which is from the Gender fluid pride flag.

On the outside, it appears that my school is very accepting of all races, sexualities, etc. Its sort of like a bubble, protecting all of us from the negative issues in the world. Or so I thought. A few weeks before I started summer break, our school news channel shared a segment where anonymous writers shared the experience of being bullied at our school. I really couldn't believe it. Our school, where every teacher is super sweet, where posters advocating equality and acceptance hang as far as the eye can see; it just seemed, at the most, very rare for anyone to be bullied at my school.

The day the segment appeared on our school's news channel, my gender fluid friend told me that they were actually one of the writers. Their story was one of the most impactful to me (for privacy reasons I'm not going to share what happened); it really opened my eyes to the issues that were actually happening at that school. The bubble that once seemed to surround our school now felt popped. This was the real world, a world that wasn't safe for all. Their story encouraged me to begin designing something impactful. This is also why the pink represents part of the gender fluid flag.

Moving onto the colors, I chose to blend the colors together to show how the world is a melting pot of sexualities.

The base color of the shoe is white rather than a darker color because white is typically associated with goodness or pureness. Darker colors usually denote something more negative, and I wanted the shoes to show Pride as a positive thing.

I also wanted to support an organization that could support LGBTQ+ people, so after discussing my idea with the same gender fluid friend who opened my eyes to injustices faced by LGBTQ+ people, they suggested I donate to the Trevor Project. Thus, 25% of my profits are going to the Trevor Project, which is a suicide hotline for LGBTQ+ teens. Hopefully, together, we can raise enough money to really make a big impact!


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