My Sketchbook Journey- 9th to Now

Hey guys!

Today I thought I'd share my sketchbook journey with you all!

Although I've been taking art classes for quite a while, I really began to use sketchbooks in ninth grade when I decided I wanted to draw people. It took me a while to figure out a way to learn at home, but I found a helpful course on drawing kawaii characters online. At that point, that's all I really wanted to learn; I never had an interest in being super realistic.

My biggest issue at that point was controlling the pressure I applied to the paper; from the wrinkling in this paper in this picture, you can see I pressed too hard because I thought that was the best method in which to get the smoothest and most saturated colors on the page. After a while, my heart desired something more in "my style," as my previous drawings had all been carefully followed from tutorials. I didn't feel like anything I drew was original.

So I took my favorite elements from artists I liked and tried to put them together. But this concept of originality, which I had self ingrained in myself from a young age, caused me to discard references and rely purely on imagination.

The issues now were a lack of references that would have improved my drawings and lack of practice. Because I hadn't practiced looking at references for a while, I wasn't sure how to draw a lot of things: hair, clothes, and feet, to name a few. This sketchbook by far was the shortest.

The next sketchbook was far, far better, with lots of practice with references as well as my own bits incorporated in, and some random imaginative designs. Pinterest became my best friend for references.

I experimented with color and lettering, shadows and poses. Some of my lines were still too dark, and occasionally I copied more than was original, but it helped me learn how people naturally moved.

Eventually, I became more confident in how I drew and my lines became softer and looser.

With a new sketchbook, I hope to go farther in creating fun and exciting designs! On Instagram you've all expressed an overwhelming amount of excitement to receive updates on my sketches, so be ready so see some of those coming soon!

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