How I do Photoshoots

Most audiences that view a product usually only see the final photos, so the photos make or break the product. Hence, getting the perfect photo of my final product is key to advertising it.

I usually start by picking a location I want my product to be displayed in. Usually, for brighter shoes, I use a darker background, and for darker shoes, I use a lighter background, but in cases where the shoot must convey a specific tone, I change things up.

For example, take an earlier design, the galaxy 11s. I knew I wanted to give a feeling that reminded the audience of the darkness and vastness of space, so I chose to use a dark background with dark shoes.

After finding my location, I decide which camera features I will use. This is usually the shortest step and involves adjusting exposure/brightness and choosing whether the flash is appropriate or not. I also make sure to take one overhead shot, two side shots, and one, occasionally, where my signature is clearly shown.

Editing is the final and most time-consuming steps. This is where I bring out colors that the camera couldn't show well on its own, where highlights and shadows and focus and blur tools are used to draw the viewer's eyes toward the heart of the design, then out to the rest of the shoe.

I also use photoshop to create more unique photos that are used exclusively for my website.

Organizing the photos are also a key part of what I call the editing process. Do I want to start the focus at a certain part with a closeup and work my way out? Or do I prefer to establish the overall look and then move in closer? Sometimes the arrangement of photos contributes to the overall tone, such as in the BOO! shoe photoshoot. I used a combination of dark photographs in combination with bright ones to create a illusion of slowed down flickering of light, which can be associated with many scenes in horror films.

At the end of the day, this is what counts to the audience, so I use a lot of effort to make sure what you're seeing accurately and creatively reflects the design.

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