Fine Art: Process

On my fine art page, you can view my fine art and how I go about making it.

I have been taking art lessons since I was four years old. Although my process and ability have changed throughout the years, this is how I go from an idea in my head to a fully finished painting.

I work on both shoes and fine art in my studio. 

At my drafting table, I use my digital and traditional sketchbooks to create designs for shoes and other works of art. It typically takes 2-3 days for me to finalize a sketch for fine art and about 1 day to finalize a sketch for shoes.

Every painting starts out as a sketch. I start with two small "thumbnail" sketches, then create a larger sketch that is most often what the painting becomes. Sometimes, entire ideas are scrapped or edited heavily, as is the artistic process.

At my craft table, I paint and photograph my designs. My inspiration board reminds of her of good memories that keep me going through art block and stressful deadlines.

It typically takes a few days to one week to paint shoes, but it takes 2-3 months to paint a 24'' by 30'' painting.

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