FAQs Part 3: Starting My Business

This past week, I asked you guys to ask me some questions I could discuss in my blog. Here are my answers:

Who was your first supporter?

Most of my friends were my first followers, but one of my friends greatly supported me and told everyone she could about my business, gave me shoutouts on Instagram, and even agreed to pose for some pics modeling my designs (even though I ultimately decided I didn't need modeled photos). If you're reading this Kavya, thank you so much for believing in me!

How did you feel after your first sale?

I was very excited about my first sale and spent so much time trying to make sure it was perfectly packaged. My first pair sold was a galaxy design and it really taught me a lot more about painting techniques that I expected.

What was your biggest high and low in this business?

My biggest high was probably when I released the PRIDE design, which got a lot of attention on my account and led me to where I am today. My biggest low was probably when I started because I was so used to hearing of people going viral instantly on social media that it took me time to realize that wasn't the case for most accounts, especially small businesses. You need to put in a crazy amount of effort before you achieve results.

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