Endgame Design: A Process

Hey guys!

I know many of you have all seen Avengers: Endgame now, as well as my recent Instagram post about my Endgame logo design. I thought I'd share my painting process here!

I had just discovered a new method of painting while working on an Umbrella Academy design (blogpost on that is coming soon) so I decided to apply that concept to this design.

First, I gathered my two colors: black and gold. The black paint is actually fabric spray paint, which is going to be important later to my process.

I started the night before Endgame was released in my area so the next day my design would be available. Was this a good idea? No. Did I go through with it? Of course I did.

I then sketched out the Endgame logo using some references. I cut this out to create a stencil.

It's 10 p.m. I bought the paint an hour ago. Why didn't I think of this sooner?!

I tested painting with this stencil on my craft table with some adhesive glue and it worked! Sort of anyway. I added in some white (this painting was going to be touched up for my final Instagram post) so the lines were more clear, as some black splotches behind this new painting were messing up the "A." That's when it became clear that filling in the entire area with white was obviously not an efficient method.

Clearly filling this whole area with white wasn't a good idea.. cut me some slack though, it was late!

I attempted to blot the wet design with a paper to transfer it over... but that really didn't work out... I decided to call it a night.

I know what you're thinking. "Anoushka clean up your table!" Well when you're having a sudden burst of creativity at 10 p.m. on a school night, you don't stop to question your cleanliness.

The next day, I spray painted the design onto a sheet of paper, adding some small mists of black paint. I decided to leave the "A" shape a little rough looking on the inside after blotting it with a paper towel - which, surprisingly, turned out pretty great looking.

Endgame paper towels anyone? I'll sell it if you'll buy it.

Some gold on the edges and I was done!

Totally worth it.

This design is now available in store!


Disclaimer: The Endgame logo belongs to Marvel Studios, not me. This piece is simply a artistic interpretation of the logo's design. I do not own this logo.

Note: The captions are just for humorous purposes. I did enjoy creating this design very much, just wanted to give you all a chuckle reading the post.

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