Decades of Women’s Fashion: Shoes From the 50’s to Now

We’ve come a long way in fashion, and our styles are constantly evolving today. Let's take a look back into the decades that inspired fashion today!

Prior to the ’50s, skirts were becoming shorter, so women’s fashion paid more attention to shoes. Styles like loafers, saddle shoes, and stilettos were very popular.

A vintage ad for women's loafers

In the ’60s, boots of all lengths and styles increased in popularity. These boots, whether ankle length or knee length, had a heel.

A vintage ad for Go Go boots

In the ’70s, these boots began to become longer with taller heels, as skirts became shorter. Platform and block heels also became common. Clogs were worn as well because of how comfortable they were. Shoes also had rounded edges.

Some fun platform shoes