A Year of Digital Art: What I've Learned

At the start of this year, I began to use my iPad and Apple Pencil to create shoe designs digitally. As the owner of a small business, this method had many perks, such as reducing costs and allowing me to experiment more with different shoe styles and designs.

But as an artist, it was difficult to adapt to such a new art form. For instance, in traditional art, you can easily mix colors to find the shade you're looking for, but with digital art, you must pick your colors from a wheel. Therefore, it's harder to make a cooler red or a warm purple. These shades must result from layers of semi-transparent colors overlapping each other.

In addition, it's easy to pick up a brush and some paints and begin, but digital art requires constant charging of your devices, which doesn't seem like a hassle until you're five strokes from finishing and your Apple Pencil suddenly dies.

But overall, I've found it rewarding to learn a new branch of art; expanding my knowledge as an artist is key to growing an art-based business, after all.

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