Fine Art

In addition to painting shoes, Anoushka is also a fine artist. All of her works are available as prints on request. 


Reflections Art Contest

2012, 2013

Granite Bay Administrative Show

2019, 2020

Congressional Art Competition


Fine Art Education:

The Studio 2007-2008

Creative Arts Studio 2011-2013

The Marvegos Fine Art School 2013-2014

Chaboya Art Program 2015-2016

Sea Dog Graphics 2016-2017

Granite Bay Art Academy 2019-present



Every painting starts out as a sketch. Anoushka starts with two small "thumbnail" sketches, then creates a larger sketch that is most often what the painting becomes. Sometimes, entire ideas are scrapped or edited heavily, as is the artistic process.


Anoushka works on both shoes and fine art in her studio. 

At her craft table, she paints and photographs her designs. Her inspiration board reminds of her of good memories that keep her going through art block and stressful deadlines.

At her drafting table, Anoushka uses her digital and traditional sketchbooks to create designs for shoes and other works of art. It typically takes 2-3 days for her to finalize a sketch for fine art and about 1 day to finalize a sketch for shoes.

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