The logo is a lightning bolt, as Anoushka's name means lightning. Anoushka chose complex meanings behind each name and the logo to exhibit her creativity.

Behind the Name

12 Kicks is named as such because each month, a pair of Kicks of the Month are recognized, but also because of astrology. Anoushka has always enjoyed painting stars and galaxies and seeing that stars relate to astrology, because she was born on the 12th, she is a Scorpio, thus it's 12 kicks.

Be the Boss of Your Own Style

The creation of new shoes all depends on you! Each shoe is designed based on your recommendations and ideas. Anoushka can design almost anything, but every artist has their limits; she recommends that you don't suggest very realistic drawings, as they can come out more cartoon-like or not very proportional. Keep in mind the more detailed your design, the longer it will take to create.

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